Moving Tips for First Time Mover

Making a move to a new city, is in the three top stressors of life.  Moving is right below divorce on the major stress scale. Up rooting your family can cause extreme stress. Here are some tips to help, make your move smooth:

  1. Throw out items that haven’t been used in 1 year or more. Why move items that are no longer useful, consider donating.
  2. Book movers for the day before you lose possession of your house, delays can happen. You will want enough time remove all your possessions and clean your home.
  3. Pack essentials in a suitcase (toothbrush, medications, enough clothes) put in your car the morning of your move. Be prepared for upto a week, unpacking can take months depending on your household size.
  4. Eat/ toss perishable foods and liquids. Spoiled food/ leakage in your packed boxes, is never fun to clean up.